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SIGMA – Maintenance Management System has as a goal, to assist the maintenance management requirements and needs, offering apps and internal resources that provide the planning, the programming and the control of the maintenance through a management planner that focus the strategic management of his/her company, based in the extraction of graphics and reports for the immediate take of decisions.

SIGMA – Maintenance Management System, has resources for the usage of it through the WEB in language PHP and for the opening and the following of solicitations and work orders. Its module were created to operate in a local network and was developed in language DELPHI, 2010 version. It uses databases like ORACLE and/or Firebird (Free version), allied with powerful SQL resources and creation in multilayers. It works like a net, being able to be used for multiple companies and multiple users and has no limitation for a simultaneous number of users or workstations.

– Companies: Destined to public and private companies to control the maintenance of its actives and building structures. The licenses have a cost but we provide our free version for tests, that can be used for 30 days for free. After that time, to continue using of the program, it is required to buy a license.

– Academic: It is called SIGMA Student and it is created for students and educational institutions that desire to use the system as a pedagogical tool in the classroom and as a base for technical works and even for Undergraduate Thesis projects. In this case, the license is 100% free.

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