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Cookies Policy



We and our partners work with personal data, like exclusive identifiers and standard information sent by the devices that visit our website with the purpose of share advertising and personalized content and to generate statistics about it. With that, we develop and improve the products that we offer. 

The cookies are small text files sent from a server during a session in a website. They are usually saved in the hard disk of the devices used for the session and they work for different purposes. In this policy, when we talk about cookies, we are talking about any similar technology, as web beacons. 

You have the right to accept or reject the use of cookies in your computer through the option offered by the button “I agree”, when you visit the main page of our website. 

In addition, through the settings of your browser, you will be able to exclude all the cookies that are on your device, cleaning your historical data. This will remove all your cookies in all the websites you visited. Realize that you can loose some information (For example, details of saved logins, websites preferences, etc).

Categories of Cookies used in the Industrial Network website:

Performance Cookies

They collect statistical information for the analysis of the performance and how the website is used (Like number of visits, visited pages, visited sections, section duration, searches made, etc) allowing continuous develop for the Industrial Network.  

Cookies Developed for our Advertising Partners

They are used for the creation of a user profile, facilitating the offer of advertising in the Industrial Network with information of interest and the distribution of advertising from other websites. They are based on a specific digital identifier for advertising. 

If they are deactivated, the website will keep showing the ad but it will not drive the ad to the user’s profile. 

We do not interfere in the privacy practices of our advertising partners. For this reason, we recommend the reading of their privacy politics for you to understand how they process your information.  

You can read the Privacy Policy of Google Analytics here.

You can read the Privacy Policy of Facebook here.