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O Botão de Alerta é um pequeno aparelho eletrônico que tem como função principal, disparar alertas de ajuda automáticas, via internet, para todos os aparelhos que possuírem instalados o app android do Botão de Alerta. A alerta também pode ser disparada do próprio app, inclusive usando apenas a voz


Sadly, today we are subject to accidents with employees, clients, visitors, people, machines and processes. This happens frequently!

As well as thefts, fights, invasions, fires, falls, emergency situations, heart attacks, that may happen in any place, mainly where there is a big circulation of people or vulnerable people (children, old and ill people). 

When these emergency situations happen is convenient to alert people just pushing a button, without the difficulty of remember numbers, passwords or to have to access to phone lists or any other thing that make you loose time.





You just have to push a button and the Alert Button will inform to any cellphone that has the Alert Button installed that something is going wrong and that you need help. 


The Alert Button is a small electronic device, which has a Wi-Fi transmitter and an Alert Button. It has as its main feature to send automatic alerts, via internet, to any device which has the Alert Button app installed.

So, any people, in residential places, industries, offices, companies, lobbies, guardhouses, hospitals... will have the possibility to ask for immediate help, without loosing time in case of emergency, even if you don't have a cellphone in you hand.


t has endless applications, because it will supply the needs that different kind of people have of generate an immediate alert sinal, in emergency situations (assaults, accidents, fires, falls, ills)

Installation: The Alert Button can be installed in any place that has internet, via Wi-Fi, so any company, patients and doctors in hospitals, guardhouses and receptions, old people, professors, businessmen, children, etc. will have an Alert Button as a immediate help request device, increasing the security and calm of the person who uses the device.

Alert Button

An Individual Protection Device are all those devices or products used by the user with the goal or protect himself/herself of the risks capable to  threat his/her personal security or health.  

Press a button and save lives

The Alert Button is a small, low-cost device that works with Wi-Fi, connected to the internet, that you install wherever you wish to (stores, schools, hospitals, condominiums, guardhouses, industries, receptions, etc). So, in any dangerous situation the user can, just by pressing a button to send alerts to the cellphones of his/her closest people.

So, just by pressing a button, any people who is in a dangerous situation, will be able to ask for help, without using his/her cellphone or  typing any password or codes. 

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