Alert Button

The Alert Button is a small electronic device that has as its main function to send automatic help alerts, via internet, to all the devices that have the Alert Button app installed. The Alert Button can also be activated from the app, it also has a feature where you can activate it from the app using a pre-set voice command.

About the alert button

Botão de Alerta – O app que dispara alertas com a voz!

Compartilhe com seus amigos e familiares. Este app pode salvar vidas!

O app ao ouvir seu código de alerta, faz notificações de socorro para seus contatos, automaticamente. 

Apenas com sua voz, sem usar as mãos, você aciona o Botão de Alerta.

Envia alertas para até 300 contatos!

Alert Button – The app that sends you alerts using just your voice!

Share with your friends and family members. This app will save lives!

The app listen to your ALERT CODE, it sends help notifications to your contacts automatically. 

Just with your voice, without using your hands, you activate the Alert Button.

SEND ALERTS TO 300 contacts at the same time!



Send alerts using your phone

Using the Alert Button app is possible to activate the alarm using the voice (a pre-set command) or accessing to the app.

Send Alerts using the Alert Button device

It is also a good option to activate the alarm using the Alert Button device. Just pushing a button!

Machine Sensors

The Alert Button can also be activated using sensors, in case it detects a suspicious move, it activates itself and it is able to send alerts to 300 contacts at the same time!


Uber or Taxi Drivers

Ask for help without touching your cellphone.

People while they are walking on the streets

People when they are in a dangerous situation while they are walking on the streets.

Accidents with children

Accidents with children and teenagers.


Stores owners, sales clerks in case of an assault or an emergency situation.

Car Accidents

Send help alerts during a car accident.


Lottery stores, markets and banks to notify about a dangerous situation.

Public employees in dangerous situations.

Hospitalized patients, etc.

People in dangerous places, communities, etc.

In stores, malls, restaurants, etc. It ensures immediate help for a dangerous situation.

In assaults, thefts, invasions, or in unexpected situations.

Watchmen or private security companies, etc.

Medical emergencies in hospitals, etc.

Offices, industries, or any kind of company.

Home care and places with bedridden people, homes, etc.

Condominiums, private places, etc.

Condomínios, locais privativos, etc.

Condomínios, locais privativos, etc.

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